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Creating and Installing Custom windows in Central Oregon

Welcome to your one-stop solution to all your window needs! (Door glass, too.)

Remember when window glass was single paned and installed using putty? Well, that’s an old skill that we still keep sharp. Thankfully, though, all residential windows manufactured today are energy efficient as are most already built into homes. So when window glass breaks or when insulated glass (IG) units fog up or fail, the solution is to replace just the IG, not the entire window, frame and all. If you need IG replaced in a window in your home, you need Central Oregon Glass. Here’s why.

Dual Sealed Insulated Glass

Central Oregon Glass is locally co-owned with one of only three manufacturers of dual-sealed IG in Oregon and the only east of the Cascades. For our customers, that means measure-to-install times of as short as 24 hours. It means an insulated glass product manufactured locally by trained fabricators and glaziers. It means a product manufactured with the highest quality components available. It means a product warranted by the local manufacturer and guaranteed by Central Oregon Glass. When it comes to IG, there really is a best choice.

Sometimes the window (or windows – we do projects large and small!) just has got to go, especially if it’s thermally inefficient. We can help there, too. We feature Cascade Windows vinyl windows, available in numerous combinations of window types, colors and features. All Cascade Window configurations meet or exceed the US Department of Energy’s Energy Star standard.

Professional Installation

Well-built windows are an important start, but the installation process is critically important. At Central Oregon Glass, we utilize best-practices installation standards on all window replacement jobs. Our best-practices standards ensure our customers that their windows are installed using the most robust methods and materials specified by industry trade groups and building code officials. We do it by the book, every time.

For window replacements and for window and door glass replacement, contact us today. We provide quotes promptly, we have friendly and knowledgeable field technicians and we always provide estimates for free. Better doesn’t need to cost more or take longer. It just need to be better.

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