Central Oregon Glass News

Heavy Showers

The term “heavy shower” refers to shower enclosures constructed using 3/8” or ½” glass. Heavy showers are valued for their sturdy construction, clean lines and “heavy feel” when opening and closing the operating panel(s).

Water Repellent Coatings

Most Central Oregon residents get their household water from wells. The quality of Central Oregon well water is excellent, but when drops of water dry on glass, they leave a spot. Those spots are caused by dissolved silica (sand). The water in Redmond, for example, has about 90 ppm of dissolved silica, a relatively small amount, but enough to leave visible spots.

Fireplace and Wood Stove Glass

Two types of glass are commonly used to replace broken or badly discolored fireplace and heating stove door glass.

Standard sizes of Mirrors

Mirrors can come with different bevels.  The most common bevel size is .5 inches and 1 inch.  Larger bevels are often used if the mirror is mounted in a large overlapping frame.

Insulated Glass (IG) Failure

Insulated glass (sometimes called “double-pane glass”) is the assembly of two separate panes (called “lites”) of glass over a spacer frame to form a hermetically sealed air space between the lites. The air space provides a far greater impediment to thermal transfer between the interior and exterior sides of the building wall, improving building comfort and reducing heating and cooling costs.