Heavy showers are available in both swinging door and sliding (bypass) door styles.

Heavy shower glass is custom made to order for each individual job. For that reason, all tile or other shower wall material must be fully installed to allow for a laser-precision measure of the enclosure opening.

As most commonly configured, hinged-door heavy showers are not water tight. Heavy showers, done well, have close clearances between adjoining panels of glass. Properly configured and well installed, water escape around the door is slight.

If a water tight installation is required, seals can be installed around the door opening to protect the gaps. While jamb seals and sweep seals are made of clear polycarbonate, they are visible when installed. The decision whether to incorporate seals in the heavy shower enclosure must be made prior to ordering the glass.

Many glass and hardware options are available. Because heavy glass showers are custom made, it is also possible to customize the shape of the glass panels or combine multiple glass panels into custom enclosure shapes.

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